Our strengths are your solution


Our sales force, is comprised of aggressive and experienced professionals focused specifically on the accounts that drive your business. With team leaders having over 20 years of success calling on their specific customers, you are in good hands with CDZ.

Retail Partners

CDZ is a full service broker serving both manufacture and retailer needs. We are able to improve growth and profitability by utilizing a broad scope of tools and methods including: Extensive Industry Expertise, Category Management, Sales Insights & Data Analysis, Retail Execution, Business Process Solutions.


CDZ has a 22 year history of double-digit sales growth. This accomplishment has created a tradition of being the best in the business! Our sales people are compensated on a straight commission basis. This results in a motivated sales force dedicated to the development of creative ways to grow the business of their vendors.

Why CDZ Sales is the answer

As the sales of consumer goods continue to evolve through broker consolidation and disintegration, the choices have narrowed. Before committing to a national broker, you need to understand what makes CDZ different.
  • You will have an experienced, motivated and aggressive sales manager at every account.
  • We value our relationships with all of our clients and will never lose you in the shuffle, an entire team is dedicated to your line.
  • You are extremely important to us, so we provide hands on team experience utilizing all of the resources necessary to find an opportunity or provide a solution.
  • Our team is commission based, keeping their motivation in line with yours.
  • Ownership is involved with your success every step of the way. Our success is based off of your company’s growth in both sales and profitability with each of our retail partners so you never have to question how dedicated we are to you.

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