Our Showrooms

No other Manufacturer's Rep company offers vendors the opportunity to showcase their specific items to customers as it could be displayed in their stores.
Our Showroom concept has proven to be wildly successful

CDZ moved to a new office in 2002 and implemented a unique format in which vendors may present their programs to retailers much the same way as they would be showing at national trade shows such as NACDS, ECRM and GMDC. With 10,000 square feet of showroom, we have utilized gondolas, as well as tables, tents and other display materials in order to simulate the trade show setting. Both vendors and retailers alike have participated in our seasonal shows each year. Everyone has enjoyed the ability to review the respective programs in a very relaxed and organized fashion. We have given vendors the venue to show exactly how their products will look on the shelves when planogrammed and the retailers the ability to envision how those offerings will appear in their stores.

There are many facets of the CDZ strategy that separates us from the competition. Our showroom concept is the only one of its kind in the industry and has proven to be wildly successful. Vendors as well as customers are already looking forward to the schedule of events for this year.

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